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Based on your survey results we are making the following recommendations for your accommodations, ideal types of travel, and activities that you may enjoy:

Ideal Accommodations:

Hotel Adventure:

Hotels are the most common and most convenient way to plan your road trip adventure.  There are tremendous deals that are available every day of the week at 3-4 star hotels.  Staying in these rooms at unbelievable costs is a lot of fun and something you should seriously look into.  Once you land a nice deal then it is easy to find all sorts of local activities that you can do in that area.

The drawback of this option is that if you get one of these deals online, typically your payment is non-refundable.  The simple solution is to move forward with your road trip at all costs. 


Camping Excursion:

A camping adventure is an excellent low-cost option available for your upcoming road trip.  You are able to bring all of your food and supplies with you and this saves you an enormous amount of money. 

The disadvantages are that you do not control the weather.  A prolonged rainstorm, snow, or worse can really ruin your trip so plan accordingly.  You will need to plan for several activities to keep your trip interesting.

Cabin Rental:

If you love the outdoors but are not prepared to take your chances with the weather then a cabin is something you should seriously look into.  Most state and National Parks have cabins nearby that are extremely comfortable and filled with all of the comforts of home.  Once again, you can bring all of your food and creature comforts from home.  If' you've never stayed in a cabin, then you should definitely give this a shot.

The only drawback is that prices are generally not as affordable as some of the rock-bottom deals you can land at hotels.  Don't let that fact allow you to overlook this option.

Ideal Travel Options:

Driving Your Own Car

$    (Score = 5)    Generally this is a great option but gas prices can really put a hurt on your wallet. 

Ж   (Score = 8)    When you are in your own vehicle it gives you complete control of where you end up.  It is your most flexible option.

Φ    (Score = 4)    Unfortunately when you drive for long distances you have to put up with terrible drivers, road rage, tolls, traffic jams, etc.

∆    (Score = 10)   Your car is waiting for you right now and is almost always ready.

ψ   (Score = 10)   Because your car is always ready to pack up a spontaneous road trip is right up this alley


By far this is the most common way to begin your road trip.  If this is your first time that you have embarked on a spontaneous road adventure then this is your best starting point.  One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the wear and tear you put on your vehicle can never be undone.   If you are concerned about the long-term effects then you may want to look into renting a vehicle.


$    (Score = 9)    Tickets can be very affordable for long-distance travel.

Ж   (Score = 8)    Because you can go a further distance at a low cost...your trip is now open to expanded possibilities.

Φ    (Score = 10)  You are in cruise control

∆    (Score = 4)   Trains generally leave from the larger sized cities.

ψ   (Score = 2)   You may need to make some special arrangements to get dropped off and picked up from the train station (or leave your car)


Checking into this option is an absolute must for the adventure-minded travelers!

Good activities could be:

  • Sporting Event
  • National Park
  • Amusement Park
  • Camping Excursion

Additional Ideas you can consider include:

Digital Camera Safari (Check out the link for the rules for this fun game)

Conspicuous Tourist (Road Trip Game....check out the link for the rules)

Local Restaurants (Try to avoid the large chain restaurants and taste the local foods)

Museum (These are generally inexpensive and can be extremely interesting)

Historical Points of Interest  (Forts, old schools, battlegrounds, etc.)

Roadside Attractions (pull over to check out some of the gems that you normally fly past)

Visit a friend or relative  (Great way to fill in time, you'll probably also score a free meal or place to stay!)

Glass Blowing Demonstration  (Watch some glass artwork made & stock up for your online auctions) 

 Ice Skating (For the cold weather fans)

Take a hike on a local trail (Pretty self-explanatory)

Minor League Sporting Event  (Much more affordable than the professional teams)

North American Wildlife Safari  (Follow the links)

Bird Watching  (Bring your binoculars)

Swimming  (At the ocean or in your 4-Star Hotel!)  

Take pictures of Welcome Signs (These are a huge hit when you show off your vacation pictures)



Scavenger Hunt  (Follow the links for the official rules)

Fly A Kite  (Great way to keep your kids occupied so you can have a few minutes to relax)

Check Out A Movie  (Excellent option if your camping and the rain won't quit)

Look at Amish Stuff (Always best to do this activity after a heavy night of drinking)

Top-10 Adventure (You'll love this...check out the link)

Golf  (While your kids are at the park then you can play a round of golf)         

Park Adventure  (Have your kids play a game of kickball, baseball, soccer, etc at the Park)  

Watch a TV show taping  (Be the person in the background laughing hysterically)

Orienteering (Follow the links...this is a great activity for the Outdoor-Loving families)

ZOO (Almost every city has a zoo)

Canoeing (great float trips)

Watch Fireworks (Great for the everyone)

Mini-Golf (Good for the kids)

Go-Carts  (This is how you show off your driving skills to your family or friends)                                       

Check Out A Movie  (Excellent option if your camping and the rain won't quit)                                       

Look at Amish Stuff (Always best to do this activity after a heavy night of drinking)

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