Travel Guide

The Road Trippers have put together this travel guide to help you decide which types of journey you would like to undertake.  Remember not to plan too many activities in your limited amount of time or you will feel overly stressed.



Camping Excursion (3 Days)

You and your friends decide to leave work early on a Friday afternoon so you pack up the cooler, load the car, and begin your 4-6 hour drive.  These are the highlights of your upcoming trip:

Day 1 (Friday)

Day 2 (Saturday)

  • Wake up and have a filling breakfast (bacon, eggs, sausage, juice, and coffee)
  • It's time for your Anchor Activity (Choose from: White Water Rafting, Spelunking, Hunting, Biking, Hiking, Scuba Diving, or Paintball)
  • After an action filled day, return to camp and enjoy a big dinner and drinks

Day 3 (Sunday)

  • One last breakfast-cereal or oatmeal works great
  • Time to tear down camp and drive back home
  • On the way home, find yourself a small road side restaurant or diner and relive the weekend's adventure


College Road Trip


You make the decision with your college roommates to head out of town over the weekend after taking your mid-term exams...

Day 1 (Friday Afternoon)

  • Find an excellent deal online for a cheap hotel room for two nights in a downtown section of town (double beds are a must)
  • After you get your room, call the hotel and tell them that you'll also need a cot in the room
  • Load up the car and head out of town with your buddies (try to drive less than 3 hours or 150 miles)
  • Check into your hotel room
  • Begin your Top-10 Adventure by sampling the cities finest pizza
  • Put together a list of items that you'll need to collect for tomorrow's activity
  • Ask your concierge for a good nightclub within walking distance from your hotel room

Day 2

  • After Sleeping in, it's time to wake up and have breakfast (or lunch)
  • After you pump the coffee and energy drinks into your system it's time to divide into teams for your Scavenger Hunt
  • Familiarize yourselves with the public transportation your destination city has available (subway, bus, taxi, etc)
  • Unleash the scavenger hunt madness and stick to your time limit
  • Meet back at a local bar or restaurant to look at your pictures and determine the winner of the hunt
  • Obviously...the losing team needs to buy the first round of drinks

Day 3

  • It's time to check out of your hotel (make sure you check with the front desk to figure out when you need to be out of your room)
  • Buy a t-shirt from a local souvenir store or street vendor to remind you of your trip
  • Drive back to your dorm



Downtown City Tour (5 Days)



It's time to get away from the daily grind and let your body enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation.  You made the decision to take a week off of work and five of the days will be spent on this trip.  This is a long trip, so you need lots of great ideas and activities for your trip.

Planning Needed

  • Find an excellent deal for a hotel room in a city far away from your hometown (pick one you've never been to before) & reserve your room online
  • Instead of driving, try taking a bus, train, or airplane on this trip

Day 1

  • You get dropped off at the train depot and are ready to begin your adventure
  • While traveling I highly recommend one of the following: (read a book, listen to an eBook, listen to music)
  • Check into your hotel room and unpack
  • Take a stroll around the neighborhood and make note of restaurants and bars that look interesting
  • Jump In the Hot Tub at your hotel
  • Have a nice dinner and a couple drinks

Day 2

  • After waking up and having a good breakfast it's time to grab your digital camera and head out of the door
  • Tonight will be your first Anchor Activity but for now, you will begin your Digital Camera Safari
  • Spend the day wandering through the city and checking out the trendy areas outside of the downtown
  • You decided to check out a local minor league baseball game because the tickets were only $6-smart move
  • Enhance your experience by becoming a Conspicuous Tourist

Day 3

  • Last night was an absolute blast so you needed to sleep in and then jump in the hot tub for a bit
  • For lunch you decide to check out the cities best pizza so you leave your hotel at 11:00
  • After buying a couple souvenirs and exploring the neighborhood you return to your hotel to get ready for tonight's Anchor Activity
  • There's time for a great dinner so you walk down to the local sports bar around the corner from your hotel
  • For tonight's Anchor Activity you decided to take a Haunted Ghost Tour (excellent choice)
  • After one or two drinks with your new found ghost-hunters you return to your room for a good night's sleep

Day 4 (It's going way too fast)

  • This morning your pretty hungry so you decide to stop by a neighborhood diner for a big breakfast
  • You realize how fast the week has flown by so you decide to return to your hotel and sort through some of your pictures and upload the best ones onto your MP3 Player
  • Oddly enough, you can't get yesterday's pizza out of your mind so you decide to return there for one last taste tonight
  • There's time to capture a few more pictures during the day for your digital camera safari as you explore more of the downtown and check out the museums, galleries, and parks
  • After the amazing pizza at your new favorite restaurant it's time to make your way back to your hotel
  • Luckily for you it's comedy night and  you end up staying in the hotel bar until 1:00 am

Day 5

  • Time does fly when your having fun
  • After a quick breakfast and some coffee it's time to pack up your clothes
  • Today's a travel day so you need to make your way to the train station
  • Since your not driving, you might as well kick back and take a nap so you return home refreshed




Downtown City Tour  

College Road Trip

Camping Excursion

Make sure you look at these tips if you are planning a trip from our travel guide.