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An Alaska road trip is the ultimate outdoor adventure lover and enthusiast playground!  There are six mountain ranges in the state and an unlimited amount of wilderness for you to explore.  You will take pictures that are world class and ready for publishing.  Nowhere else in the world can you walk up to a glacier, see the Northern Lights in winter, sunbathe any time of the day in the summer, and watch grizzly bears feast on salmon at a waterfall.  Kenai Peninsula is a great place to pan for gold and is an activity that can potentially pay for your entire trip.

Alaska-The Land Of the Midnight Sun


Alaska City Adventure

Anchorage: This city is what many refer to as the Gateway to Alaska, and you will likely arrive on a train or on an airline in downtown Anchorage.  Before heading out into the wilderness or on your cruise it is worth exploring Anchorage for a day.  There are several restaurants that serve the best Alaskan King-Crab legs in the world!  When your are downtown make sure to walk around the gardens at the Visitor Information Center because it is filled with some amazing wildflowers and photo opportunities.  If your looking for nightlife then you'll want to check out Chillkoot Charlie's on Spenard Rd or the Crow's Nest.  Mr. Whitekeys Fly By Night Club generally has live music and is worth stopping by.

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Fairbanks: If you want to check out the Northern Lights then you'll want to visit Fairbanks in the winter.  It's bitterly cold in the winter and dark 22 hours of the day so you will want to dress accordingly .

National Parks: The National Parks in Alaska are absolutely spectacular and like nowhere else in the world.  Much of the land is not accessible by car and the wildlife is not acclimated to humans.  A well-planned backpacking trip in these parts will be a trip you will remember for the rest of your life and you will talk about often.  Glacier Bay is a great place to charter a fishing boat or catch a cruise through the Bay to see the amazing marine life.  Wrangell St. Elias is a massive park that is offers the ultimate camping and backpacking adventure.  The park is so large in fact that you could fit Yellowstone National Park inside of it-SIX TIMES!

Bear Watching: One activity you can enjoy in Alaska and nowhere else in the world is Grizzly Bear Watching.  A visit to Katmai National Park will provide you the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures feast on salmon during the annual salmon runs.  You will be amazed at how close you are to the wildlife on this viewing deck.  You'll want to plan this portion of your trip one year in advance because space is limited and the demand is extremely high.

Denali National Park: Denali is an absolutely enormous park that is secluded but well worth the drive from Anchorage.  Once inside the park there are no amenities or places to buy your road trip provisions.  Vehicles are not permitted past the visitor center but there is a bus system that is top notch and will take you through the park.  These busses will stop so that you can view the wildlife and snap some amazing pictures.  If you camp in Denali you can get on and off the busses each day and explore different sections of the park each day and then return to your camp for a great meal.  Mount McKinley is towards the end of the bus route and because of the clouds you will only be able to see the mountain 20% of the time. 

Wineries: Alaskan Raspberries and Blueberries are commonly used to make this wines in this state.  It's worth grabbing a bottle to enjoy on a rainy evening you may experience during your vacation. 

White Water Rafting: There are several rafting adventures available in Alaska and take you through some spectacular views of the landscape.  It's a great way to spend a day and get a new perspective on how wild the area truly is.  Although the waves are not as big as the Colorado or the New River in West Virginia they need to be taken seriously.  We highly recommend wearing a dry suit and dressing accordingly because the water is cold!

Outdoor Festivals The Fairbanks Summer Arts is a great anchor activity if your visit to Alaska falls during it's schedule.  If you are near Kenai during the 4th of July you will want to explore this town and check out the buzz around town.  Make sure you arrive a couple days early to reserve your camping spot because it fills up quickly!

Alaska Beaches

Most of Alaska is unexplored and waiting for you to get lost in it's vast wilderness.  The beaches will offer you countless spots to look at the marine wildlife and toss your line into the water for a quick fishing trip.  The tides in Alaska are dramatic and you will want to make sure you don't pitch your tent too close to the water's edge.

  • Agnes Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Agsinoralak Beach, North Slope County

  • Airplane Flats, Aleutians East County

  • Alexai Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Arigilivik Beach, North Slope County

  • Arkansas Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Austin Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Bangookbit Dunes, Bethel County

  • Bangookthleet Dunes, Bethel County

  • Belleview Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Big Mike Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Birch Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Black Sand Beach, Ketchikan Gateway County

  • Broad Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Canary Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Casco Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Center Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Chichagof Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Chirikof Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Cottonwood Beach, Kenai Peninsula County

  • East Landing, Aleutians West County

  • Eckman Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Elliot Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Elliott Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Finny Beach, Kodiak Island County

  • Foggy Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Fox Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Gainor Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Gainor Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Happy Beach, Kodiak Island County

  • Hidalgo Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Holiday Beach, Kodiak Island County

  • Hughes Bar, Yukon-Koyukuk County

  • Kalifornsky Beach, Kenai Peninsula County

  • Kearney Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Khantaak Beach, Yakutat County

  • Kooku Beach, Nome County

  • Little Beach, Kodiak Island County

  • Little Kiska Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Logan Beach, Yakutat County

  • Long Beach, Aleutians East County

  • Long Beach, Lake and Peninsula County

  • Massacre Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Ningeehak Beach, Nome County

  • Nivalghat Beach, Nome County

  • North Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Nunathloogagamiutbingoi Dunes, Bethel County

  • Ocean Beach, Aleutians East County

  • Oksenof Beach, Aleutians East County

  • Oongalambingoi Dunes, Bethel County

  • Parrot Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Polovina Sands, Aleutians West County

  • Ready Bullion Beach, Juneau County

  • Red Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Salamatof Beach, Kenai Peninsula County

  • Salghat Beach, Nome County

  • The Sand Beach, Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon County

  • Playas de Santa Ana, Undetermined County

  • Sarana Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Schooner Beach, Yakutat County

  • Schuler Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Sevenmile Beach, Kodiak Island County

  • Shingle Beach, Kenai Peninsula County

  • Smith Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Sonom Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Tanani Beach, Haines County

  • Temnac Beach, Aleutians West County

  • Tlegu Beach, Haines County

  • Tolstoi Sands, Aleutians West County

  • West Beach, Aleutians West County

  • West Georgia, Undetermined County

  • West Landing, Aleutians West County

  • Young Beach, Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon County

  • Zolotoi Sands, Aleutians West County

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