Road Trip Map

Designing your customized road trip map is essential if your trip requires you to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Google has the best online driving directions and they will get you to where you are going. 


These directions will give you step by step instructions on how to get to your destinations, estimated drive times, and the accurate distance between cities.  Driving directions are critical for your road trip planning.

Here's my recommendations of what directions you really need to have before you leave on your trip:

  1. You will want directions from your house to your accommodations (Hotel, Campground, RV Rental facility, Condo, etc)
  2. Directions from your hotel to any event or venue where you have already purchased tickets
  3. Driving directions from your hotel to all of your Anchor Activities


Click on the link that is just below the following image to begin creating your road trip map.  You will then be directed to Google's map-making site so you'll want to click on the "Get Directions" link towards the upper left corner of the screen.



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If you are on a tight budget and want to find gas prices around your destination then you can check out this convenient tool:





Printing outyour road trip map and our checklist will give you all the tools you need before you leave for your vacation.