Booking your accommodations is a lot of fun and there are a lot of outstanding deals waiting for you to grab them! There are a variety of choices to choose from.  In this section we will give you our opinions on each various option and advise you what to look out for.  The closer to the top of this list indicates our best recommendations for a road tripper.    As a general rule, avoid (or at least think seriously) about options towards the bottom.


Hotel Adventure:

Hotels are the most common and most convenient way to plan your road trip adventure.  There are tremendous deals that are available every day of the week at 3-4 star hotels.  Staying in these rooms at unbelievable costs is a lot of fun and something you should seriously look into.  Once you land a nice deal then it is easy to find all sorts of local activities that you can do in that area.  There are many options available for you to bid on a hotel room online and save huge!

The drawback of this option is that if you get one of these deals online, typically your payment is non-refundable.  The simple solution is to move forward with your road trip at all costs. 


Camping Excursion:

A camping adventure is an excellent low-cost option available for your upcoming road trip.  You are able to bring all of your food and supplies with you and this saves you an enormous amount of money.  There are many campground directories that you can choose from to help plan your excursion.

The disadvantages are that you do not control the weather.  A prolonged rainstorm, snow, or worse can really ruin your trip so plan accordingly.  You will need to plan for several activities to keep your trip interesting.



Condo/Beach Vacation:

There is a tremendous amount of condos available that can be rented for a trip.  These condos are the ideal accommodations for beach vacations and can make your life extremely simple.  You can bring all of your food with you as well as any other household item that you can not live without.  Large groups or families make this an affordable option.

The drawback is that you are living in someone else's property and are never 100% sure what you will walk into.  Most of these places are quite nice and it is well worth looking into.


Cabin Rental:

If you love the outdoors but are not prepared to take your chances with the weather then a cabin is something you should seriously look into.  Most state and National Parks have cabins nearby that are extremely comfortable and filled with all of the comforts of home.  Once again, you can bring all of your food and creature comforts from home.  If' you've never stayed in a cabin, then you should definitely give this a shot.

The only drawback is that prices are generally not as affordable as some of the rock-bottom deals you can land at hotels.  Don't let that fact allow you to overlook this option.


RV Rental (Land Safari):

If you elect for an RV rental,  is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life-it is an absolute blast.  Once again, you get to bring all of your food and essentials from home (or you can stop at a local grocery or convenience store to stock up).  An RV gives you complete freedom of where you go and where you decide to stop for the night.  This option will allow you to save an enormous amount of money if you are traveling for five days or longer.  This is an absolute must to consider for the Adventure-Oriented traveler.

The only drawback you will run into is draining the septic system in these units.  When you pick up the vehicle, they will go over all you need to know in orientation and the actual process of draining the septic is not difficult.




The options below this point are not what we would recommend for your upcoming road trip.  However, every situation is different and you still may want to check them out.


Bed & Breakfast:

I don't want to discourage anyone from staying at these establishments because they are generally quite comfortable.  However, it's not looked favorably if you walk in with your muddy boots and pile your gear on the floor.  Here's the thing...Bed & Breakfasts just simply lack the spontaneity that you need for your road trip.  It's too planned and quaint for you to suck the nectar out of life on your vacation.


Hostels (Not HOTEL):

If your only goal is to save money then you might want to look into this.  However, I would much rather stay at home then take the chance.  It's your only live what you want but these are not the Accommodations that I'd ever want.


Pop-Up Trailer:

A camping adventure is a great idea and your on the right track.  However, if you want to avoid the elements then you should invest in either a better tent, rent an RV, or stay in a cabin.  These inexpensive tow-behind units are a nuisance which offer very little reward. 


Description of image This picture was taken at 1:00 am in Alaska during a recent Land Safari trip.
Description of image View from a 3-1/2 star hotel window in Louisville, KY ($35.00)!

After you get your accommodations taken care of, you need to figure out what type of activities you'd like to do on your trip.