Road Trip Tips



These road trip tips will help make sure your vacation and planning enjoyable and stress-free:


  1. Your goal is to relax!  Leave all your job, problems, dirty laundry, etc behind (it will be there when you get back)
  2. Avoid Taxi Cabs.  Although they are extremely convenient they are not shy about overcharging for their services.  Most hotels will offer a free shuttle bus to the airport or the local hot-spots in town.
  3. Unplug Small Appliances.  It sounds trivial but most people will have thoughts like, "I wonder if I unplugged the iron" or "Did I remember to turn off the oven"  Don't get caught in that stress-trap, check this item off on your checklist.
  4. Checklist.  Print it out, check things off when you pack them, and have it with you when you travel.  Every time you momentarily enter into panic mode-take a look at this valuable tool.
  5. Conserve Energy & Save Money.  Before leaving your house, you should turn down the furnace or air conditioning by at least 5 degrees.  There is no need to pay to heat or cool your house when your not home.
  6. Advise family & neighbors your going out of town.  This rule is especially important if you are traveling alone.  Make sure you tell them what your up to, the area your heading, and when you expect to come home.
  7. Have access to important information.  This includes credit card and bank card numbers (in case they get lost of stolen), phone numbers, medical ID Card, prescription information, reservation and flight information, etc.
  8. Zip Lock Bags. Toss a couple unused zip lock bags in your backpack or suitcase.  These work great for a wide variety of uses (wet swim trunks, bringing home food, storing souvenirs, etc)
  9. Get tickets in advance.  The most important thing you can do is to buy your tickets for all of your Anchor Activities in advance. 
  10. Maps.  When heading out into the unknown it is essential to have maps or a navigation system (GPS) with you (not necessarily for getting there....but finding your way home).
  11. Bring your own Snacks.  Before heading out of town, stop off at your local grocery store and pick up a few snacks for your trip.  Just be careful not to buy too much-your appetite will not double just because your on vacation.  Stick with your normal eating habits but buy the stuff you like.  Packing your own food will make this a cheap weekend trip.
  12. Coupons.  It is well worth the time and effort to check your local newspapers or browse the internet looking for cost-saving coupons that will be useful on your frugal trip.
  13. Relaxation Materials.  Before you leave on your trip make sure you update your music library on your MP3 Player.  It's also nice to treat yourself to an eBook or get a traditional paper variety from the store or online.
  14. Bring your camera.  It goes without saying but your camera is going to come in handy on this trip.  You'll want to have it with you at all times because you never know what lies around every corner.
  15. Local Restaurants.  Instead of sticking with the large chains that you eat on a regular basis, it's always great to try something new and treat yourself to the local cuisine.  You will be absolutely amazed in what you will find (ask your concierge at your 4-Star hotel for a recommendation, and then have him make a reservation).








Follow the advice from these Road Trip Tips and print out your checklist