Road Trip Checklist



This road trip checklist was prepared specifically for your upcoming vacation...

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Did You Remember To….

____ Stop your mail ____ Lock The Doors & Windows
____ Arrange for pets to be fed ____ Notify your friends & Family
____ Unplug Your Iron ____ Cut your grass or shovel snow
____ Turn Off The Stove ____ Have Your Car's oil changed
____ Get Travelers Checks ____ Update your playlist on MP3
____ Get a first aid kit for the car ____ Plan plenty of activities

Necessary Items you must have…

____ Wallet and/or purse ____ Insurance Card
____ Tickets that you bought in advance ____ Road Maps & Travel Directions
____ Reservation Information ____ Important Phone Numbers
____ Cell Phone & it's charger ____ Digital Camera with accessories
____ Prescriptions & Medications ____ Spare Tire & Car jack

Clothing Items…

____ (1) set of clothing per day ____ (1) extra pair of shorts or jeans
____ Pajamas ____ Sandals, boots, extra shoes
____ Sunglasses ____ Extra T-Shirts (one or two)
____ Jacket Or Coat ____ Backpack
____ (1) extra socks & underwear ____ Hat

For The Baby…

____ (2) outfits per day ____ Baby Powder
____ Baby Food & Formula ____ Stroller
____ Favorite Toys, games, books ____ Changing Pad
____ Plenty of Diapers ____ Baby Wipes
____ Pacifiers ____ Tons of ziplock bags-various sizes


____ Deoderant ____ Comb, brush, hairspray, gels
____ Razor, shaving cream, lotions ____ Cotton Balls & Q-Tips
____ Sunscreen ____ Mouthwash  and Dental Floss
____ Soap and/or body wash ____ Contact Lenses and cleaners
____ Toothbrush and toothpaste ____ Cosmetics
  cologne/perfume   Neosporin
Food Items…
____ Cooler, lots of ice and drinks ____ Cookies, crackers, chips
____ All of your camping food ____ Avoid smelly items like meats
Camping Gear…
____ Tent & Ground Cloth ____ Sleeping bags, pads, and pillows
____ Pots, plates, silverware, pans ____ Compass, Maps, Hiking Gear
____ Camp Chairs ____ Camp Stove
____ Bear Spray and Bug Spray ____ Fire Starter (matches, flint, etc)
____ Games, Toys, MP3 Player ____ Binoculars
____ Sporting Equipment ____ Navigation System (GPS)
____ Books or eBooks ____ Extra Blankets in trunk


You should never venture out without completing our road trip checklist and bringing it with you on your exciting adventure.  Having a checklist for a road trip is vital so that you don't accidentally leave your valuable items in hotel rooms, camp grounds, or with your friends and family. 


For more tips on travelling with baby and young children, check out our friends at Baby Safety Resources.


Make sure you keep your road trip checklist with your maps!