Road Trip Destinations

When you choose your road trip destinations there are a couple important things that you'll want to keep in mind.  An Anchor Activity is an activity that you and your entire road trip crew is absolutely looking forward to.  These are the anticipated highlights of your trip and often times the reason you are going on this vacation.



  1. You need to have a few "Anchor Activities" planned for your trip and have these tickets in advance. 
  2. These Anchor Activities shown on this page are what you and your travel companions are really looking forward to
  3. Keep these Anchor Activities to a minimum because they are generally quite expensive or time consuming




Keep in mind that depending on your own individual interests, you may very easily be able to use some of our other ideas for your anchor activities (but the above chart still holds true).  These are some ideas that  work great for your anchor activities but keep in mind that there are no right or wrong activities for you to select from.


In addition to these road trip destinations there are several excellent ideas that you can also use for your upcoming vacation