Road Trip Planning

road trip vacation planning

Road trip planning  is fun and exciting.  These spontaneous vacations will provide memories and digital pictures that will truly last a lifetime.  Over the past few years I've taken a tremendous amount of road trips and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them.  The one tip that you need to keep in mind is that you must always have a plan for your vacation.

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I was able to put together this easy 5-question survey to help with your road trip vacation planning.  Once you complete this survey you will then be able to plan your route and dream vacation!

Every day is a true adventure and you never know what lies around the corner.  The activities that would be an absolute blast for your neighbors or co-works might bore you to tears so you need to plan carefully.  My suggestions will be relevant to the travelers with endless budgets and those who are focused on a frugal living lifestyle.

There truly is an easy way to plan the road trip of your dreams!

This website will help you realize all of the exciting options that are out there in this world and waiting for you to dive in. 

If your ready to begin your vacation experience then:




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We are all on limited budgets-especially these days.  However, you are still entitled to have an amazing vacation and proper planning will make that goal a reality.  When I begin the road trip vacation planning process then this is how I go about putting together my route and so far it's never failed me:

  1. Buy a hotel online at an unbelievably low price (don't worry about what city it is...get a sweet deal and try to stay downtown)
  2. Look for tickets for events that are near your hotel (Don't panic if there's nothing going on)
  3. Decide if you want to drive and park your car or take mass transportation
  4. Plan my anchor activities for the road trip
  5. Scan through the road trip ideas to fill out your trip
  6. Print out a checklist and make sure I bring everything I need

Tip: Sometimes I will change the order around-especially if I'm visiting a specific area for a reason (Concert, sports event, camping, etc)







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