Connecticut Road Trip


A Connecticut road trip is your chance to escape the every day stress of your normal life and set out on a journey for the simpler things in life.  You can explore lighthouses along the vast open beaches or treat yourself to a day at the spa.  There are museums and local parks that are worth exploring or you can venture through Connecticut's wine trail.  Hartford is a two hour drive to Boston and visiting Connecticut could be a great activity for you to spend a day while working your way through the New England States.

If you only have a couple hours to spend in Connecticut then we highly recommend checking out a few  lighthouses and snapping some amazing pictures for your digital camera safari.  Spending a day to track down these historical landmarks will make for an exciting day


Connecticut City Adventure

Hartford is the largest city in Connecticut and is an interesting place for you to select for a downtown city adventure.  There is lots to do but you will not have the wide variety of options available in the larger cities such as New York City or Chicago.  However, Hartford does have lots of concert venues, movie theaters, and small parks for you to explore.  There's museums that are worth checking out-especially Alexander Calder's Stegosaurus at Burr Mall.  It's a popular hang out in the summer where people will eat their lunches and watch the fountain explode.


National Parks in Connecticut are highlighted by Weir Farms as there are lots of amazing art galleries and original artwork that is up for sale.  If you are looking for amazing souvenirs to bring back on your road trip then you'll absolutely want to check this place out.

Theme Parks

Lake Compounce is New England's Family Theme Park and is located in Bristol. There are lots of thrill rides and water rides for the entire family to enjoy.  You'll want to make sure you jump on the Zoomerang and Thunder n' Lightning.  If you decide to hang out by the lake in Anchor Bay you'll want to work your way over to Clipper Cove and Mammoth Falls. 

Ocean Beach Park in New London is a great last minute road trip idea that you can fit into your vacation.  There's are classic rides such as the carousel that the whole family can enjoy or they can hang out in the Olympic sized swimming pool.  There is also an arcade and 18-hole miniature golf course to enjoy in addition to great food and a playground.

Quassy Park in Middlebury has been open since 1908 and offers a great option for your upcoming Connecticut road trip.  The whole family will love the Big Flush Water Coaster!


Connecticut Lighthouses

A Connecticut road trip would not be complete if you were to leave the state without snapping at least one picture of a lighthouse.  A great activity to fill your day is to hunt down each of these lighthouses and explore the grounds.  The compilation of your pictures will tell amazing pictures about your road trip.  There are several to chose from and here is where you can find them all:


View Connecticut Lighthouses in a larger map



Outdoor Festivals are mainly in the Hartford area and if you like jazz music or seek a family-oriented festival then you may want to check some of these out.

Connecticut Wine Trail: There are nineteen wineries that make up the Connecticut Wine Trail and it is divided into two sections  (east and west).  The scenery through the small seaport towns and open meadows is absolutely breath taking.  The wineries will all welcome you with a warm New England hospitality.  Download the brochure.



Heading to the beach for an afternoon is the perfect activity for your Connecticut road trip.  Its hard to come up with a better vacation idea then enjoying one of the simple things in life like kicking back and soaking in a few rays.  There are so many public beaches in the state for you to choose from you can't go wrong.  One recommendation we would make is to check out Ocean Beach because it is perhaps the best public beach in the entire state!


  • Alvord Beach, Fairfield County

  • Attawan Beach, New London County

  • Babbs Beach, Hartford County

  • Bayview Beach, New Haven County

  • Belden Beach, Fairfield County

  • Bluff Point Beach, New London County

  • Burial Hill Beach, Fairfield County

  • Burwells Beach, New Haven County

  • Bushy Point Beach, New London County

  • Calf Pasture Beach, Fairfield County

  • Chalker Beach, Middlesex County

  • Chapman Beach, Middlesex County

  • Chapman Strand, Middlesex County

  • Circle Beach, New Haven County

  • Clinton Beach, Middlesex County

  • Clinton Town Beach, Middlesex County

  • Compo Beach, Fairfield County

  • Cummings Park Beach, Fairfield County

  • Dossin Park Beach, New Haven County

  • DuBois Beach, New London County

  • East Rive Beach, New Haven County

  • Eastern Point Beach, New London County

  • Esker Point Beach, New London County

  • Fairfield Beach, Fairfield County

  • Fairfield Beach, Fairfield County

  • Fairfield Public Beach, Fairfield County

  • Farview Beach, New Haven County

  • Fords Beach, Fairfield County

  • Fort Trumbull Beach, New Haven County

  • Front Beach, New Haven County

  • Giants Neck Beach, New London County

  • Great Hammock Beach, Middlesex County

  • Green Harbor Beach, New London County

  • Groton Beach, New London County

  • Groton Long Point Main Beach, New London County

  • Groton Long Point South Beach, New London County

  • Grove Beach, Middlesex County

  • Gulf Beach, New Haven County

  • Gulf Beach, New Haven County

  • Hammonasset Beach, New Haven County

  • Harbor Point Beach, Fairfield County

  • Harbor View Beach, Fairfield County

  • Harveys Beach, Middlesex County

  • Hawthorne Beach, Fairfield County

  • Highland Beach, Litchfield County

  • Hotchkiss Cove Beach, New Haven County

  • Hotchkiss Grove Beach, New Haven County

  • Indiantown Beach, Middlesex County

  • Jacobs Public Beach, New Haven County

  • Jennings Beach, Fairfield County

  • Kiddie Beach, New London County

  • Limewood Beach, New Haven County

  • Litchfield Town Beach, Litchfield County

  • Long Beach, Fairfield County

  • Long Beach, Fairfield County

  • Long Beach, Fairfield County

  • Lordship Beach, Fairfield County

  • Marvin Beach, Fairfield County

  • Middle Beach, Middlesex County

  • Momauguin Beach, New Haven County

  • Money Beach, Fairfield County

  • Morningside Beach, New Haven County

  • Morris Town Beach, Litchfield County

  • Mudge Pond Town Beach, Litchfield County

  • Nauyaug Coast, New London County

  • Ocean Beach, New London County (Voted the best public beach in Connecticut)

  • Osprey Beach, New London County

  • Oyster River Beach, New Haven County

  • Pear Tree Point Beach, Fairfield County

  • Pine Ledge, Fairfield County

  • Pleasure Beach, Fairfield County

  • Plum Bank Beach, Middlesex County

  • Point Beach, New Haven County

  • Point Beach, New Haven County

  • Pond Point Beach, New Haven County

  • Poverty Island Beach, New London County

  • Prospect Beach, New Haven County

  • Quotonset Beach, Middlesex County

  • Rocky Beach, New Haven County

  • Rocky Neck State Park Bathing Beach, New London County

  • Rowayton Community Beach, Fairfield County

  • Saint John Beach, Fairfield County

  • Sasco Hill Beach, Fairfield County

  • Sea Bluff Beach, New Haven County

  • Seaside Beach, Fairfield County

  • Shell Beach, New Haven County

  • Shennecossett Beach, New London County

  • Short Beach, Fairfield County

  • Short Beach, New Haven County

  • Silver Sands Beach, New Haven County

  • Sound Beach, Fairfield County

  • Soundview Beach, New London County

  • South Pine Creek Beach, Fairfield County

  • Southport Beach, Fairfield County

  • Stannard Beach, Middlesex County

  • Sunset Beach, New Haven County

  • Town Beach, New London County

  • Uncas Point Beach, Fairfield County

  • Walnut Public Beach, New Haven County

  • Weed Beach, Fairfield County

  • West Beach, Fairfield County

  • West Beach, Middlesex County

  • West Silver Sands Beach, New Haven County

  • Woodstock Town Beach, Windham County


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