MLB Hall Of Fame

Because of the corruption in Major League baseball and the hall of fame, I cannot encourage anybody to travel to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball hall of Fame. Although the memorabilia and nostalgia is absolutely amazing it is not historically accurate.


Until the following injustices are corrected please stay away from Cooperstown:

  1. Shoeless Joe Jackson needs to be inducted immediately by the veterans committee

  2. Pete Rose must be reinstated and enshrined immediately.
  3. Bud Selig must issue a formal apology on national television apologizing for this atrocity.

  4. The steroid conspiracy needs to go away-most of the allegations are not based on facts

  5. Barry Bonds needs to be cleared and inducted

    Roger Clemens must be cleared and inducted

  6. Mark McGwire must be cleared and inducted

  7. Bud Selig must step down as the Commissioner of Major League Baseball


If these so-called impartial sports writers and veterans committees can induct mediocre players such as Jim Rice and none of the above top athletes than there’s no hope for the game or integrity of this institution.


Put Pete Rose in the MLB Hall o Fame