Maine Road Trip



A Maine road trip is your chance to escape the large cities in the New England states and explore some amazing beaches without the masses of visitors you'll get in the more popular beach destinations.  If you love seafood then Maine is your lobster destination because they will come right out of the Atlantic Ocean and be delivered directly to your dinner plate. 

City Adventure

Kennebunkport is a small town with barely over 3,000 residents but is one of the most picturesque cities in the entire nation.  It is regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the entire eastern seaboard and there is so much to do that you will be blown away.  This is not the city you are looking for on your college road trip or if you are looking for a huge night on the town.

National Parks in Maine are on the water and have an abundance of wildlife.  You will want to make sure that you stop in at Acadia if you are anywhere near the Bar Harbor area.  There are over 125 miles of hiking trails and you will want to snap a picture of the view from Cadillac Mountain as well.

Theme Parks

FunTown USA in Saco has a water park, great kiddy rides, and some pretty tame thrill rides for the entire family.  There are some educational themes at the park so your kids can learn while they have fun doing it.      

Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach is the only beach amusement park in the New England states.  There are a couple roller coasters, a carousel, and other various rides and attractions.  This is a good way to spend an afternoon on your Maine road trip.        

York's Wild Kingdom in York Beach attracts 20,000 visitors each year and features lots of exotic species of animals.  There is a miniature golf course, paddle boats, a petting zoo, and a haunted house as well.

Wineries in Maine generally use fruits such as cranberries and blueberries in their wines instead of grapes like the other areas of the country do.  Growing grapes in the weather conditions in this area proves difficult but this is not a reason to avoid the wineries in Maine.

Outdoor Festivals are great and perfect for long weekends.  The Atlantic Festival is in Waterville and features great current rock music but you may also wish to check out the Clam Festival that is held annually in Yarmouth if you are a seafood lover.  The Maine Lobster Festival is in Rockford and if you are a fan of this delectable seafood treasure then you should make a pilgrimage.

Seafood is popular and you are not going to be able to find anything more fresh then when it is pulled directly out of the Atlantic Ocean and delivered to your plate.  Maine is famous for their lobster, shrimp, and clam chowder.  These videos will provide a refresher course on how to properly eat shellfish:







Maine Lighthouses

If you love snapping pictures of lighthouses then your Maine road trip just got more exciting.  There are over sixty lighthouses in the state and cruising around and exploring these marvelous structures is a great activity.  The interactive Maine Lighthouse Map will guide you through your Lighthouse adventure.




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  1. Avery Rock Light

  2. Lubec Channel Light

  3. Baker Island Light

  4. Marshall Point Light

  5. Bass Harbor Head Light

  6. Matinicus Rock Light

  7. Bear Island Light

  8. Monhegan Island Light

  9. Blue Hill Bay Light

  10. Moose Peak Light

  11. Boon Island Light

  12. Desert Rock Light

  13. Brown's Head Light

  14. Narraguagus (Pond Island) Light

  15. Burnt Coat Harbor (Hockamock Head) Light

  16. Swans Island

  17. Nash Island Light

  18. Burnt Island Light

  19. Owls Head Light

  20. Cape Elizabeth Light

  21. Pemaquid Point Light

  22. Cape Neddick "Nubble" Light

  23. Perkins Island Light

  24. Crabtree Ledge Light

  25. Petit Manan Light

  26. Cuckolds Light

  27. Pond Island Light

  28. Curtis Island Light

  29. Portland Breakwater Light

  30. Deer Island Thorofare (Mark Island) Light

  31. Portland Head Light

  32. Dice Head Light

  33. Prospect Harbor Light

  34. Doubling Point Light

  35. Pumpkin Island Light

  36. Doubling Point Range Lights

  37. Ram Island Light

  38. Eagle Island Light

  39. Ram Island Ledge Light

  40. Egg Rock Light

  41. Rockland Breakwater Light

  42. Fort Point Light

  43. Rockland Harbor Southwest Light

  44. Franklin Island Light

  45. Saddleback Ledge Light

  46. Goat Island Light in Kennebunkport

  47. Seguin Island Light

  48. Goose Rocks Light

  49. Indian Island Light

  50. Spring Point Ledge Light

  51. Great Duck Island Light

  52. Squirrel Point Light

  53. Grindle Point Light

  54. St. Croix River Light

  55. Halfway Rock Light

  56. Tenants Harbor Light

  57. Hendricks Head Light

  58. Two Bush Island Light

  59. Heron Neck Light

  60. West Quoddy Head Light

  61. Whaleback Light

  62. Isle Au Haut (Robinson Point) Light

  63. Whitehead Light

  64. Ladies Delight Light

  65. Whitlocks Mill Light

  66. Libby Island Light

  67. Winter Harbor Light




Because Maine is almost entirely on the Atlantic Ocean is has lots of beaches that you can explore on your Maine road trip.  The beaches range from pebbly and rocky to beautiful sandy beaches on the southern coast. 

  • Andrews Beach, Cumberland County

  • Arundel Beach, York County

  • Auburn Municipal Beach, Androscoggin County

  • Back Shore, Cumberland County

  • Bakeman Beach, Hancock County

  • Ballast Island Ledge, Washington County

  • Bear Island Beach, Hancock County

  • Big Beach, Cumberland County

  • Big Beach, Hancock County

  • Big Sand Beach, Washington County

  • Billys Shore, Waldo County

  • Birchhead Shore, Hancock County

  • Black Beach, Hancock County

  • Boom Beach, Knox County

  • Brook Beach, Hancock County

  • The Brook Beach, Hancock County

  • Cals Beach, Waldo County

  • Camp Ellis Reach, York County

  • Campbell Shore, Washington County

  • Cape Neddick Beach, York County

  • Clayfers Beach, Knox County

  • Cliff House Beach, Cumberland County

  • Cobble Beach, Hancock County

  • Crescent Beach, Cumberland County

  • Crescent Beach, York County

  • Crescent Surf, York County

  • Davis Beach, Washington County

  • Dawn Marie Beach, Washington County

  • Double Beach, Hancock County

  • Drakes Island Beach, York County

  • Driftwood Beach, Hancock County

  • Dunn Beach, Hancock County

  • East End Beach, Cumberland County

  • Eastern Beach, Hancock County

  • Echo Lake Beach, Hancock County

  • Ferry Beach, York County

  • Footbridge Beach, York County

  • Fortunes Rocks Beach, York County

  • Freddy Beach, York County

  • Gilley Beach, Hancock County

  • Gilman Beach, Aroostook County

  • Goochs Beach, York County

  • Goose Rocks Beach, York County

  • Goss Beach, Knox County

  • Grays Beach, Washington County

  • Great Beach, Washington County

  • Hales Beach, Hancock County

  • Harbor Beach, Hancock County

  • Head Beach, Sagadahoc County

  • Hero Beach, Hancock County

  • Hills Beach, York County

  • Hold Shore, Washington County

  • Hunnewell Beach, Sagadahoc County

  • Hunters Beach, Hancock County

  • Indian Camp Beach, Knox County

  • Jasper Beach, Washington County-This is the best beach in the Nation to witness wildlife in a natural habitat.

  • Jesse Beach, Hancock County

  • Jordan Beach, Washington County

  • Joyce Beach, Hancock County

  • Laite Memorial Beach, Knox County

  • Lamoine Beach, Hancock County

  • Laudholm Beach, York County

  • Lighthouse Beach, Hancock County

  • Little Beach, Cumberland County

  • Little Beach, Hancock County

  • Little Beach, York County

  • Little Pond Beach, Washington County

  • Long Beach, York County

  • Lucia Beach, Knox County

  • Markey Beach, Knox County

  • Marlboro Beach, Hancock County

  • Medrick Beach, Knox County

  • Mekwamkesk, Washington County

  • Middle Beach, Hancock County

  • Middle Beach, York County

  • Mile Beach, Sagadahoc County

  • Moody Beach, York County

  • Mothers Beach, York County

  • Narrow Place Beach, Knox County

  • North Point Beach, Hancock County

  • Ogunquit Beach, York County

  • Old Orchard Beach, York County is a beautiful sandy beach

  • Orchard Beach, Hancock County

  • Parsons Beach, York County

  • Pebble Beach, Waldo County

  • Pebbly Beach, Lincoln County

  • Pemaquid Beach, Lincoln County

  • Pine Point Beach, Cumberland County

  • Pobblestone Cove, Washington County

  • Popham Beach, Sagadahoc County is a sandy beach and perfect for the entire family

  • Redman Beach, Hancock County

  • Roque Island Ledge, Washington County

  • Sand Beach, Hancock County

  • Sandy River Beach, Washington County

  • Scarborough Beach, Cumberland County

  • Schoodic Beach, Hancock County

  • Seapoint Beach, York County

  • Short Sands, York County

  • South Sandy Beach, Knox County

  • Spragues Beach, Waldo County

  • Steep Bank Beach, Hancock County

  • Surfside Beach, York County

  • Thomas Point Beach, Cumberland County

  • Three Island Beach, Hancock County

  • Walton Beach, Hancock County

  • Wells Beach, York County

  • West Shore Sandy Beach, Cumberland County

  • Western Beach, Cumberland County

  • Whale Beach, Hancock County

  • Willard Beach, Cumberland County





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