Airline Travel

Airline travel is an excellent option for your road trip to reach destinations that are not conveniently located within a 5-hour drive of your home town.  There are great deals for inexpensive airline tickets that you can get online and it will add to the level of excitement on your vacation.  If you choose to travel by plane then you will have an increased sense of escaping your every day life.


The Transportation Security Administration is in charge of security at the airports and offers these valuable travel tips to save you time and frustration in your airline travel adventure.

Security Tips

When you are considering airline travel as an option for your upcoming trip then you will want to be aware of these valuable security tips to save you some serious aggravation in line.

  1. Do not make any jokes or comments about bombs, terrorism, threats, or any inappropriate jokes once you are in the airport.  Even if you don't disagree with the heightened security measures just make sure you keep your opinions to yourself.
  2. Show up on time: You'll want to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance but it is best to verify your arrival times directly with your airline.
  3. Wear shoes that can be removed easily because you will be taking them off when you go through security.
  4. Send your pets carrying case through the x-ray machine and carry your lovable creature in your arms.
  5. Do not leave your kids in the baby carriers or strollers because those will need to go through screening as well. 


Packing Your Suitcase

When you pack your suitcase it is important to keep things organized.  If your belongings look like a rat trap on the x-ray detector screen then there's a good chance that they will open your stuff up and inspect your items.  The security department is not shy about holding your underwear in the air for everybody in the airport to see.  If you are bringing a gift for a loved one then do not wrap it under any circumstance-it's best to toss it inside a brown paper bag and wrap it when you arrive.  Before sending your film through the x-ray machine tell them that it is in your bag and they will take it out so that it does not get destroyed.



Liquid Rules for Carry-On Baggage (3-1-1)

Packing all of your items into a carry on bag is a great time saver because you will not need to follow the herd of people to the baggage claim area at the end of your flight.  It also eliminates the possibility for your valuables to get lost or stolen.  If you bring your own toiletries it will save lots of money and here are some tip son how to pack them properly:



Prohibited Items

These are a general list of items that are prohibited in your carry-on baggage:

  • Sharp objects: knives, swords, box cutters, ice picks, axes, etc
  • Sporting Goods: baseball bats, sticks, guns, bows and arrows, clubs
  • Guns and ammunition of any kind
  • Tools: Nothing over 7 inches, hammers, crow bars, cattle prods, etc.
  • Martial Arts: throwing stars, nunchauks, sticks, stun guns, etc.
  • Flammable items: gas, kerosene, aerosol containers, lighter fluid, disposable lighters
  • Chemicals: bleach, spray paint, tear gas, mustard gas, spillable batteries, etc.


Proper Identification

Having a valid form of identification and your plane ticket ready to hand to the security officer is an absolute must for airline travel. 

How to Dress

Although stereotypes are not anything the road trip team would ever approve of-it is the sad reality that we deal with in our airports.  Make sure you try to dress so that you fit in with the other passengers as best as you can.  Keep these tips in mind:

  1. The metal detectors will get set off from your keys, loose change, cell phone, hair barrettes, belt buckles, under-wire bras, metal buttons in your shirts, jewelry, etc.
  2. If you have lots of body piercings be prepared for extra screening or even a pat-down because they will set off metal detectors
  3. Head Coverings are permitted but be prepared for additional screening because airport security feels that you may be able to hide things under the loose fitting clothing.






If airline travel is right for you, then click here to continue your road trip planning