Bus Travel

Bus travel is an option that you should strongly consider for your upcoming road trip.  Ticket prices will be less expensive than fueling your car with gasoline and you don't have to worry about driving.  Traveling by bus is the safest form of transportation according to the US DOT.  Private bus lines reduce fuel consumption over 4.2 Billion gallons per year and this also reduces the carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons! 


These are some great facts about passenger busses:

  • The most common reason to travel by bus is to visit friends and family
  • 60% of all Greyhound passengers are traveling over 450 miles
  • An average bus ticket price is $45
  • Nearly 45% of all bus travelers are between the age of 18-34
  • Greyhound has over 2,400 locations in the continental US
  • Greyhound over 13,000 departures each day


If you are considering traveling alone or in a small group then you should look into traveling by Greyhound


Need To Know Information:

  1. You do not need to make reservations when traveling by Greyhound
  2. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis
  3. Arrive at the station 1 hour before your bus leaves
  4. Boarding is 15-30 minutes before departure
  5. Busses make regular stops for meals-but express trips are available
  6. Greyhound busses are air conditioned, have a restroom, reclining seats, footrests, and tinted windows
  7. Bring reading material, your laptop, MP3 Player, pillow, and snacks
  8. There are no chargers available on the bus to refuel your batteries
  9. Alcohol, drugs, and weapons are strictly prohibited
  10. You can not bring your pet with you along for the ride



If your road trip is with a large group such as a wedding, college fraternity or sorority, or large group of friends then you should look into a Trailways package.



If you will be taking a bus travel road trip then click here for some great vacation ideas.