Camping Gear

If your trying to consider what camping gear you should bring on your camping excursion then you came to the right place.  We have compiled a  camping checklist of items that you can't live without on your road trip.  Secondly, we have an additional camping checklist of bonus gear that is great to bring if you can afford the room.  And as always, we are throwing in a few road trip tips and pointers so that we can steer you in the right direction. 






Necessary Camping Gear (Camping Checklist)

______ Tent ______ Extra Clothes
______ Ground Cloth For your tent ______ Toiletries
______ Some Extra Tent Rope ______ Map
______ Couple Extra Stakes ______ Compass
______ Sleeping Bag ______ Flashlight
______ Sleeping Pad  ______ Sunscreen
______ Trash Bag (s) ______ Bug spray
______ Empty Zip Lock Bags ______ Bear Spray
______ Primary Fire Starter ______ Camera
______ Emergency Fire Starter ______ Water Purification Pills
______ Camping Stove & fuel ______ First Aid Kit
______ Paper Towells ______ Saw Or Hatchet for firewood
______ Dish Soap & SOS Pads ______ Extra Batteries
______ Pans, Plates, silverware ______ Canteen or water bottles
______ Pocket Knife ______ Cooking Utensils

Unnecessary Camping Gear (Camping Checklist):


______ Radio or MP3 Player & Speakers ______ Pot Holders
______ Acoustic Guitar ______ Citronella Candles
______ Pillow ______ Fishing Gear
______ Extra Sheets & blankets ______ Toys & Sporting equipment
______ Cooler with ice ______ Tissues
______ Table Cloth ______ Camping Chairs
______ Sponge ______ Lantern
______ PAM or oil  ______ Marshmallows
______ Seasonings (salt, pepper, etc) ______ Duct Tape
______ Tongs ______ Umbrella
______ Cutting Board ______ Sewing Kit
______ Saran Wrap & Aluminum Foil ______ Camping Shower
______ Dish Pan & dish rags ______ Binoculars
______ Road Trip Grill & Charcoal ______ Clothes line/rope


Road Trip Camping Tips:

  1. Most parks will have the necessary camping directories and local maps of the area that you can take with you free of charge.  
  2. Purchase your food at a grocery store in a larger-sized city.  Many of the stores and gas stations that are conveniently located outside of the campgrounds charge a premium for their products. 
  3. Food Storage is critical!  Make sure all of your food is stored in bear canisters or hung properly from trees.
  4. Do NOT put any food in your tent-EVER.
  5. Try to buy food that is canned, freeze-dried, or boxed.  Keep all meats and disposable items safely secured in a cooler and locked in your car at night.
  6. Keep your smaller gear stored in zip lock bags so that the rain doesn't destroy them (especially your toilet paper).
  7. Instead of carrying a flashlight, look into getting a head lamp.  Not only do they look extremely cool, it will keep your hands free to do whatever you want in the dark.
  8. Bring lots of fire-starting methods (matches, lighters, flint, etc.)
  9. Never forget your first aid kit (put it inside zip lock bags).
  10. Put your tent up when it's light outside.  Use all of the stakes, poles, and ropes that came with it...they will help keep your shelter dry, more open, and secured to the ground.
  11. Make sure you put your tent on top of a ground cloth or tarp.
  12. Park your car so that it will not roll into your tent or a creek in the middle of the night.  If necessary, put stones behind your tires to keep it from rolling.
  13. No petting the skunks.  They look cute and fun to cuddle with....but don't try it.
  14. Keep all pets contained to your site and clean up their poop.
  15. Pack out all of the trash that you bring into your campsite. 
  16. Do not leave valuables in your tent while you are out fishing, hiking, or exploring
  17. Make sure your sleeping bag is rated for the lowest possible temperature you may encounter
  18. Bring plenty of extra warm clothes and socks
  19. Rain gear is critical.  Keep everything including yourself dry at all times.
  20. If you choose to hike, make sure you bring the proper foot protection (boots)
  21. Have a comfortable pair of shoes to wear around camp (like sandals)


If you need to get your hands on some quality camping gear at a lower cost, than you can check out almost any department store.  There is a large variety of Coleman Adventure gear that you can pick up at great prices-their stoves, lanterns, and cooking gear will last you a lifetime. 


If your venturing into the backwoods for a backpacking adventure then having the right camping gear is an absolute must!  To make your trip most enjoyable, you will want to carry as little weight on your back as possible without leaving anything critical behind.



For more camping gear you may wish to bring on your trip, please consult our checklist





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