Driving Tips

We have put together these driving tips to make sure you are safe on your road trip.  Because your checking out this website, we will assume that you already have a drivers license and have passed a driving test at some point in your life.  However, we all know that there are some drivers out there who are absolutely clueless.  They are mad at the world and full of road rage.


A road trip is your chance to escape all the stress of your normal every day life and simply relax.

So to freshen up on your driving skills...here are some easy to remember driving tips:

  1. Wear your seat belt
  2. Invest in a GPS Unit.  They are cool and it will help you keep your eyes on the road
  3. Drive defensively
  4. Don't pump your ABS Brakes (They already pump themselves for you)
  5. Avoid having loose objects (like bunny rabbits and Kleenex boxes) on your back window ledge
  6. Don't cross the freeway median and take U-Turns
  7. Don't ever stop on the freeway!
  8. Don't change lanes in the middle of an intersection...and by the way, slow down when you go through them.
  9. Stay alert at all times.  Take breaks if necessary.
  10. Pay attention at all times to the road.
  11. Don't assume that other drivers will do what they are supposed to (some of them are crazy)
  12. Don't speed
  13. Don't drive drunk or impared
  14. Obey all traffic signs and signals
  15. Maintain a safe following distance in your vehicle
  16. Aim high in steering.  What I'm saying here is to look down the road, not directly in front of your vehicle.
  17. Use your blinkers...they look cool anyways.
  18. Beware of your blind spots and check them before switching lanes
  19. Don't tailgate
  20. Share the road with animals, other vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, etc.


If you got to the bottom of this list and find yourself somewhat confused then I strongly urge that you attend a safe driving course. 


For driving tips in harsh winter conditions check out this link.