Ghost Hunting

The idea of a ghost hunting expedition is one truly unique road trip idea that will make your vacation stand apart from the rest.  These trips can be guided or you can do some of your own online research and find local spots that you can investigate with your friends.  Guided tours will bring you to all of the best haunted locations the city has to offer.   Keep in mind that the guided tours will be full of all the true stories of these hauntings and tell you what to look for and the best way to find these ghosts.





If your looking for some great ghost hunting tips then you came to the right place:

  1. Bring your digital camera and make sure you have lots of room on your storage card
  2. Make sure your lens is clean and there is no dust that can be mistaken for flying orbs
  3. Dress warm because you will be inside and outside
  4. Bring your raincoat and/or umbrella because the weather is often unpredictable
  5. Getting permission is critical for every place that you intent to investigate-don't get caught trespassing
  6. Make sure you ghost hunt with a friend for safety reasons
  7. Let others know where you will be in case of an emergency
  8. Check out our road trip games for ways to make your ghost hunting tour more ejoyable

This is a list of some of the equipment that you can bring for your ghost  hunt or psychic investigation:


  • Digital Camera-to take pictures of the ghosts
  • Mini Voice Recorder-to capture the ghosts talking
  • K2 meter-Allows the ghosts to communicate with you...sort of like a digital Ouija board
  • Maps & Directions-so you can get to your destinations as quickly as possible


If you would like to do some research about cemeteries before your ghost hunt then you can visit this website:


A Ghost Hunting tour works great with a true many of our road trip games