Scavenger Hunt


You may have already seen people running around your hometown on their own scavenger hunt...

This game is a team competition where you are racing against the clock and taking pictures with your camera.  You will find yourself traveling around the city on subways and on foot (avoid taxi cabs).  The journey will lead you into local landmarks such as restaurants, monuments, bars, etc.  The possibilities are endless and only your imagination will limit your fun on this one.

If you decide to embark on one of these fun adventures (which is based on the TV Show-The Amazing Race) on your road trip then you must divide your group into teams.  While having a few drinks the night before the race you and your friends will want to develop your own list and point system for this game.  I have included a sample copy to help point you in the right direction.

These are the rules that I like to use (feel free to tweak them):

  1. All teams must return to the starting point at a set time (Midnight)
  2. Each minute you are late will cost your team 1 point
  3. There are no territorial boundaries for this event
  4. Teams may get around on foot, taxi cabs, subway, rides from new friends, etc.
  5. Items are collected in the form of a digital picture (there are no points lost for blurry pictures however)
  6. Teams may elect to pay strangers in order to capture a critical picture
Item Points
Person sleeping in public 1000
Stranger talking on phone 50
Taxi with at least 8 passengers 200
Picture of a stranger's belly 5000
Picture of your team with a cheerleading crew 800
Cleveland Browns T-Shirt 150
Animal eating food out of a trash can 100
Mullet or Mohawk haircut 25 points each
Person talking on two cell phones at once 300
Man-Purse 100
Kid covered in mud 250
Kid with food all over their face 150
Belt Pack 1000
Sports Mascot 500


Feel free to adjust the above sample list as necessary and even make it family-friendly!

Happy Hunting!




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