Wheres Bigfoot


The "Wheres Bigfoot" Road Trip Game is your opportunity to explore the Legend that the Native Americans simply called-Sasquatch.  It's pretty obvious we have a Bigfoot epidemic in this country!  So put on your poker face because you are about to embark on an absolutely hilarious adventure.

Bigfoot (or commonly referred to as the Yeti) has been spotted all over the United States so there is nowhere that is out of bounds for this game.  Although it would be amazing to capture a picture of the Bigfoot for your digital camera safari-that is not what your looking for.  This game is all about interviewing the local folk and taking their pictures for your digital safari.  The further you work your way from the big city the more success you are guaranteed to have.  It's an activity that's perfect for a college road trip, bachelor party, or any old road trip.


These are ideas for places and people to look for so you can get started:


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The Local Diner

Enjoy a slice of homemade pie while your waitress tells you about the local Bigfoot Sightings and Legend

Generally her boyfriend/husband will already be hunting for this creature regularly on the weekends and have the scoop!

Description of image The Gas Station

With any luck the attendant is wearing a John Deere hat and a camouflage shirt.  If this is the case-your in luck!

Eat lots of beef jerky while you talk to this local-although his details will be hazy, he'll most definitely have a story to tell.

Description of image Any Street Vendor

These people truly know the pulse of the local town-folk and the bigfoot legend.

Order something from them and them and the stories will flow.  For added fun, accidentally spill it on the ground when they hand it to you!

Description of image This guy

Good old Americana!  If you see anybody resembling this guy your in luck.  He'll have stories of the Sasquatch and most likely seen one or two himself.

He is also a good candidate to tell you stories of personal UFO abductions.

Description of image Monster Truck People

These people like to hang out at the gas station, Wal-Mart, and in the woods.

Before asking them about the Yeti, make sure they are not holding the gun that is likely clipped to the gun rack in their rear windshield.

Description of image Flea Bag Motel

At the end of the day, stop in one of these fine establishments.

You know you'll be in luck if there is a fly swatter on the wall, a dog chained to a tree, and an ashtray full of cigarette butts on the counter!


These are some questions you can ask to get started on your "Wheres Bigfoot" road trip game:

  1. I heard tell that Bigfoot is in these parts...what can you tell me about this evil creature?
  2. We are here hunting for bigfoot 'cuz want to put his pelt on eBay.  Where is the best place to find him so that I can unload my Uzi clip into him?
  3. Does Bigfoot commonly rummage through your dumpsters at night?
  4. Are your sheep afraid of Bigfoot?
  5. We heard that the Sasquatch likes smelly people.  Will you help guide us through the woods so that we can spot him?

For more official information on Bigfoot and recent sightings you can click here.  Trust us when we say that the Wheres Bigfoot game is one of the most hilarious road trip ideas you will ever see.


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