Conspicuous Tourist

"So we're clearly on vacation...why would we WANT to look like a conspicuous tourist?"

If you find yourself thinking the above thought then you might not get the humor in this amazing travel activity.  The game is for the traveler who has a fairly sarcastic sense of humor.  The pictures and stories that you will get to share with your friends will be absolutely priceless.  This is one of my favorite all time road trip games and will have you mingling with the locals and meeting new best friends...if you try it once, then you'll be hooked.

Number of travelers needed: This activity works great with any sized travel party! 





So you have made plans to go to a new city and hang out downtown...  There are actually several existing versions of this game but I'm sure you can come up with many more of them on your own:

Sports Fan Adventure

  1. Go to the salvation army and buy a stained sports jersey (messier stains work best)
  2. Wear this shirt to their local sports bar at any time, however the best time is right before or after a football or baseball game
  3. Get drunk and spill ketchup (or BBQ sauce) all over your shirt
  4. Pronounce all of the players names incorrectly
  5. High-Five everyone who talks about this sports team
  6. Make random toasts with people in the bar
  7. Tell people you've been a fan since you were twelve
  8. Have your picture taken with as many super-fans as you can

The Crowd Squeezer

Your goal for this game is to try and maneuver yourself to the very front of the crowd and not to spill a single drop of beer.  This game works great at outdoor music festivals and is my favorite version of the Conspicuous Tourist Game!

  1. Go to the concession stand and buy a round of beers for you and your friends (minimum three beers)
  2. Start to weave your way through the crowd on your way back to finding your buddies
  3. Be careful not to step on people's blankets and backpacks
  4. Talk to as many random strangers as you can as you walk through the crowd
  5. Ask them to take "Action shots of you carrying beer through the crowd"
  6. It always adds an element of fun when you act like your lost, stop where your at, and start a text message frenzy with your friends
  7. Make new friends, offer them some of your beer
  8. And lastly, return to your friends right before the show starts (without the beer of course)


The Confused Restaurant Customer:

  1. When the waitress hands you the menu make sure you hold it upside down and keep a confused look on your face until she comes back to take your order
  2. Ask your server to take pictures of your entire group immediately when you sit down
  3. When she asks if you have questions then you tell her that you can't read French
  4. Always ask for a free sample or if they have any coupons in the back you can borrow
  5. Consume at least four baskets of bread
  6. Make sure everyone at the table orders an ice water with lemon at your table (then dump all of the sugar packets in the water, stir, enjoy)
  7. Have the serving staff sing Happy Birthday to someone in your group
  8. When your food comes from the kitchen begin clapping madly
  9. Ask the server to send out the chef so that you can have your picture taken with him handing you the plate of food
  10. After the main course you need to go to the bathroom and put on sweat pants.  You tell the server you "changed into your fat clothes and are ready for dessert"


Please feel free to modify the rules on these conspicuous tourist games so that they best suit your own individual road trip.  I love new ideas for this game and will gladly post them on this site.








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