Whitewater Rafting



Whitewater Rafting is perhaps my all-time favorite road trip adventure.  Rafting is a great activity for everybody to enjoy...these trips are great for families, college road trips, long-time friends, or retired couples.  Rivers range from very tame and scenic to high energy heart-pounding adventures.  The trips are generally 1/2 to a full day of adventure and will leave you tired and wanting more!

There are so many packages available that will often include your camping fees, dinner, lunch on the river, and rafting fees.  You should have no problems finding an excellent deal on an amazing trip.

As always, I'll give you a few tips to keep in mind so that your trip is an absolute blast:

  • Always wear your life jacket and helmet (unless your guide says you can take them off temporarily).  Rivers are unpredictable and you never know when the next set of big whitewater is right around the corner.
  • Wear warm clothes and pile  them on in layers.  (Don't be self-conscious about looking goofy in the parking lot of the rafting outfitter while your layering up.)
  • Wool and fleece work the best because the water is cold and cotton will not dry.
  • Wear a winter hat underneath your helmet (especially in early spring or late fall)
  • Rent a dry suite (not a wet suite) or bring your own-the extra few dollars you spend is worth staying warm.
  • Pay attention to the guide's paddling instructions.  Nothing is more annoying than the random idiot in your boat who is paddling at the wrong times and causing the boat to spin out of control and tip over.
  • Bring all of your camping accessories, tents, sleeping bags, and tons of food.  Be prepared to party it up and eat like a horse after your paddling adventure!


For those of us who live in the Eastern parts of the United States...we are extremely fortunate to live near the Upper Gauley river near Fayetteville, WV.  Cantrell Ultimate Rafting is an excellent outfitter with very experienced guides.  They have great promotions available and even have a bar on their property for you to hang out after your rafting adventure.  Camping is also located on this same property and you will have an amazing trip.




If a Whitewater Rafting adventure feels like your idea of a great road trip, then check out our travel guide.